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Your image can help determine not only your professional success but your social success. Professionally, studies show that over a lifetime an attractive, well-put-together woman makes almost $250,000 more than her less-polished-looking counterpart.

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Socially, studies show that a positive impression generated in the first three seconds of meeting someone can create what psychologist Edward Thorndike calls the “halo effect.” This occurs when the well-dressed professional is perceived as more creative, more intelligent, more likely to be hired and promoted, more imaginative, more generous and more kind than their less-well-dressed colleagues.

Who doesn’t want to be “more?” Your image literally spells more. More success in every area of your life.

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Why work with a professional image consultant? How do you create the right image? Most women are not taught what to wear when they’re young, especially when it comes to clothes for the workplace. Maybe their mothers didn’t know either. So where can you learn what image will propel you to the top of the corporate ladder? What’s the secret to looking professional? Ask a professional image consultant how she can help improve your image.

Think of yourself as a product. Like any product in a competitive marketplace, you need to stand out. You need to be the label the consumer takes off the shelf. You need a brand identity.

We can help you make over your personal image.

Who better to help you create a brand identity than a professional image consultant who has the skills, the credentials, the training and decades of experience to help you create a look you love? I have over 30 years of color and design experience and the joy of knowing my clients tell me they have  experienced a “life changing” transformation through our work together.

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Where do these transformations begin? It all starts with “brand identity.” Are you casual or classic? Are you formal or fashion forward? Are you sporty or sophisticated?

We uncover the authentic you, then work together to make certain your packaging reflects your personality, lifestyle and profession.

Color comes first. Working with almost 200 tints and tones, we create your personal palette, choosing only those colors that best flatter the color of your hair, eyes and skin tone.

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Professional image consulting clients get a complete hair and makeup makeover. In makeup, we create a natural daytime look that can be enhanced for a dramatic evening look. And we determine the most flattering hairstyle to frame your face.

audrey after face audrey best before

“Laurel did more than just help me look more professional. She helped me find the person inside I always wanted to be.” – Audrey F.

Fit is the No. 1 fashion secret. You can have the most expensive wardrobe in the world, but if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t flatter. That’s where the magic of Fashion Fit Formula comes in. It’s a tool that helps you understand how to visually balance your body to create the illusion of the ideal hourglass figure.

Next, we shop your closet. Together we decide what clothing needs to stay and what needs to go. Perhaps your clothing is inappropriate for your work environment. Maybe your wardrobe needs some updating. Perhaps there are gaps in your wardrobe that need filling in. What needs to be retired to make way for a more flattering, stand-out professional wardrobe?

Then the fun begins. Instead of shopping your closet, we shop your favorite stores! We pick those wardrobe pieces that will make your current wardrobe more complete and spice it up with some new looks that make you a star in the workplace cosmos.

Ask a professional image consultant how to improve your image.

Personal Image Consulting for Women

I believe every woman deserves to look and feel her radiant best in every sphere of influence, both professional and personal.

Your professional image is often a reflection of your chosen career field or the dress code of your company and its management team. It should reflect both what you do and who you are.

To learn how to best express who you are, contact us today.

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Your personal image, however, reflects who you truly are without limitations or constraints. As an image consulting firm, my team and I make sure that your wardrobe expresses your true essence as well as your color palette, your body shape and your lifestyle. We make certain that your individual style expresses who you are and is custom tailored to your non-professional needs.

Whether you’re hiring an image consultant to meet personal or professional goals, the process is the same. Either way, it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. It’s an investment in you.

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