The first time Laurel and I met we spent a lot of time just talking, getting to know each other. I felt comfortable right away. She gave me a list of 300 positive adjectives and asked me, “What are the four words that best describe you?” It was a difficult question but an important one. The answers opened my mind to what I could be and set the stage for our work together.

She laid out a plan for us that involved reshaping every aspect of my image to conform to those four words, and she held my hand every step of the way. Kind, generous with her time, she told me at every turn to “Shine on!” And I did.

She gently transformed me. It was exhilarating and liberating. There’s a drastic change in me on the outside now, but she helped change me on the inside as well. Now I recognize my personal power. Now I know I have the power inside of me. And other people know it as well. My goal was to become what I’d experienced maybe twice in my life–to be a people magnet. Thank you, Laurel–you’ve changed me into the person I always knew I could be.

Elizabeth H.

Working with Laurel was a life-changing event. It opened new career doors for me and made my position as a newly promoted executive banker more relevant. And it has made a huge impression on my clients and the bank’s board of directors. I now look like the successful professional that I am.

My transformation has given me greater confidence because I now have a polished, age-appropriate look. My former wardrobe reflected not only a preconceived notion of how a loan officer should look—dressed in unflattering power suits in all the wrong colors—but a schizophrenic style that reflected two different aspects of my personality. Laurel convinced me that the most powerful image is one that’s consistent with who I am, inside and out. I now feel like an amped up version of myself!

It is so easy to work with Laurel. She is approachable and understanding, so I felt comfortable expressing my goals and fears. She maintains a lovely balance between professional knowledge and personal respect. And she is supportive and authentic in her feedback.

It’s a rewarding, challenging but fulfilling journey to define who you are and then present yourself in the most flattering, authentic light. I’m proud of the results of working with Laurel, and I will definitely work with her again. She has become more than colleague. She has become a friend.

Audrey F.

Laurel is an extremely talented woman with a lot of knowledge to offer. Working with her was not only fun, it was extremely enlightening. I feel like a new and improved me!

Having launched a new business at the age of 50, I suddenly found myself joining local networking groups and accepting speaking engagements to help publicize it. That’s when I realized I needed a more professional image.

As soon as I met Laurel, I knew she was the right person to help me because of her friendly nature. She actually made the process fun.

Each step of the makeover helped me let go of any negative emotions or fears that may have been holding me back. My confidence began to grow and my fears began to fade.

Working with Laurel did more than help me create a fresh, new professional look. It helped me find the person inside I always wanted to be. My inner light now shines more brightly, and I’ve been receiving compliments ever since.

Winnie A.

I work long hours in my home office consulting, coaching and supporting virtual clients. This once gave me the opportunity to wear ‘sweats’ all day, every day.

But as my business grew and I found myself more in the public eye networking, speaking and conducting seminars, I knew I wasn’t presenting the best me that I could. I knew I needed to look like the executive I am to successfully promote my business and to connect with the level of clients I’m meant to serve.

I chose to work with Laurel because she has a corporate background like I do. I knew she ‘got me’ and understood my goals. And I was confident that she would help me polish my outer image to reflect the inner me.

I have to say I’m thrilled with the result. Laurel helped me embrace my “brand essence,” my true spirit. And the confidence I express helps me connect with more of my ideal clients and referral partners, making it easier to achieve my goals.

My professional image now expresses the real me. And it’s worth it because of the compliments I’ve received.

Donna R.

Our session was fun, educational and exciting. You are remarkable! After working with you, I gave a lot of thought to my wardrobe. I realized I may have purchased some items because they were cute or trendy rather than because their colors were flattering on me. When I shop now, I look first and foremost for items in the colors of my personal palette. If I can’t find an item I like in my palette, I just move on.

At your suggestion, I purchased a color wheel, which I can’t wait to use to help me pick out complementary-colored wardrobe pieces. And I replaced the light bulbs in my closet with the [full-spectrum] ones you recommended. Wow, what a difference! I can now see the true colors of each item in my wardrobe.

Marilyn K.

What an amazing event last night…if you loved my new look, the kudos go to Laurel Lund of LL Style Studio. She spent many, MANY hours with me selecting the color and style of my clothes, my hair and my make-up. I love the new me, and apparently you do too.

Laurel is also the author of a new wonderful, inspirational and heartwarming book on color, When Glory Got Her Glow Back. It’s a must read for any woman who wants to shine.

Susan L.

I would absolutely recommend Laurel to anyone as a personal and professional image consultant. She is gracious, professional and knowledgeable. And she is well-versed in color theory, shape, fashion and personal style.

I was particularly impressed with Laurel’s knowledge of color. She showed me which tones complement my skin tone and eye color. She also helped me learn that colors I may have worn for years are not as flattering as they might be and that colors I may never have considered wearing actually look stunning on me.

Now that I have my personalized color palette, I only wear colors that flatter. At Laurel’s suggestion, I have also added subtle highlights to my hair to soften my look, as she helped me realize I am more feminine that I realized.

Everyone should work with Laurel. It is such an informative experience. She is not only passionate about what she does, she is sincere, personable and cares deeply about her clients. And her clients care right back.