The 2018 Season’s Fashion Trends – Part Two

Last week we took a peek at five of this season’s Top 10 fashion trends. Let’s round it out with the remaining top five fads to ratchet up your red carpet finesse and max out your wardrobe street savvy.
Ruffle it up
Ruffles are everywhere, bringing a bit of femininity to every environs. But these aren’t your tiny, dainty ruffles of the past. These big, bold fashion statements that shout charisma and confidence are favorites of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Valentino.
All that glitters

Glitter and glamour return to the design scene. Space-age sparkle such as sequins, beads and shiny lame fabrics are all the rage this season. And they’re often paired with daytime clothing like athleisure wear, tanks and trousers. Designers like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dior and Chanel are creating dreamy versions that you can wear day and night.

“Cinderella shoes” are also back in vogue via Dorothy of Oz-style silver slippers and gold Mary Janes (with a new fashion trend-ankle socks, no less).

Baggin’ it
Why carry only one handbag when more is more? A great new look for spring is carrying two handbags at the same time: one small purse, such as a cross-body bag, and one large bag, such as a tote. I love this trend, as I often put my cross-body bag inside my tote when I travel. No more hiding handbags, however. Wear them both together for all to see.
On the fringe

You won’t find fringe on the fringe of fashion this spring. It has reigned supreme since 2018 Fall Fashion Week.

In a nod to the Haight Ashbury days of the ’70s, fringe is being seen on everything, head to toe: from shoes and boots to head gear. Even cocktail gowns.

In the trenches

The trench coat, one of the 10 items of clothing every woman should have in her closet, is being tweaked. Contemporary updates include coats with frills, unique sleeves, no sleeves and denim touted by fashion houses such as Prada, Jason Wu and Michael Kors.

With all of these fun fashion trends, you can feel confident springing into spring at the height of fashion. Find the trend that fits your personality and pocketbook, and take a proud walk on your own “green” red carpet. Happy May!

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom.

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