How to Dress for Your Body Type – Part 4 of 4

Hourglass Body Type



You’re The Top

To stay tops in the fashion department, choose shirts and blouses that enhance your waist and bust line and help lengthen your torso. Perfect are V-neck or scooped neck silhouettes, halter tops that show off your shapely shoulders, wraparound versions that accentuate your waist and those tops whose hemline ends at your waistline. To create a slim, soft silhouette, choose fitted tops in dark colors and smaller prints rather than large bold patterns or those with checks and stripes. Blouses with ruffles or lots of detailing around the bust area will only hide your great curves and throw your look out of proportion.


Jackets, whether short or long, should be well-cut, fitted, simple in style and nipped at the waist to show it off to best advantage. And belts are another great way to play up your tiny waist and accessorize your outfit.

Skirting The Issue

Play up your shapely figure by wearing dresses and skirts that accentuate your positive features.A-line skirts will accentuate your tiny waist. And pencil skirts are ideal, as they hug your curves and give you a smooth fit at the waistline and hips.


Skirts and dresses should be ¾-length or full-length with a long slit or crease in the front to make you look taller, thinner and sexier. You’ll want avoid skirts with straight lines, as they won’t accentuate your lovely curves. Short skirts are also a non-no, as they tend to make you look round and shorten your total look.


Bottoms Up

Look for fitted pants and jeans that are cut with larger hips and a smaller waist. Ideal are those that are slightly flared or boast a wide leg to balance out your hips. Mid-rise jeans are terrific if you are carrying some extra weight at the tummy. But low-rise jeans also work; just make sure they’re not too low, as they will visually skew your perfect proportions.


Stepping Out

You probably have great legs, so be sure to show them off! The sky is the limit, whether you go for strapless, slinky or strappy shoes. A wedge-heel shoe is idea to pair with jeans. And if you’re one of the lucky girls who can pull off that sexy stiletto heel, go for it.

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