How to Dress for Your Body Type Part 3 of 4

Rectangular Body Type

Lucky you! A rectangular body shape makes you part of the fashion elite: today’s top models.

If you have a rectangular body shape, often described as “boyish,” the goal for dressing your lean and athletic figure is simply to create the appearance of a curvier waist and derriere to enhance your femininity and draw attention to your great arms and legs. Assets of a boyish figure are:

  • Full neck
  • Broad back
  • Small to medium bust
  • Balanced shoulders and hips
  • Square hips
  • Undefined waistline
  • Flat derriere
  • Great legs and arms
  • Few or no curves

part 3-bikini

You’re The Top

Choose blouses, sweaters and tops that give you the illusion of curves. Perfect are wrap tops with a scooped- or V-neckline that emphasize your bust and draw attention to your beautiful face. Or select tops with spaghetti straps that draw attention to your bust line and make your breasts appear larger.

Jackets should have a cinched or peplum waist or bias cut to create instant hips. And fitted tops that nip in at the waist are ideal. Also avoid clinging or tightly fitted blouses, short-cropped jackets that end at your waist and loose garments that don’t show off the curves you want everyone to think you have.

part 3-black-toppart 3-sheer-black-toppart 3-dark-blue-jacket

Skirting The Issue

Feel confident that you can wear almost any dress or skirt. However, most flattering are those that give you the illusion of curves such as the classic pencil skirt or those with a contoured waistband, a wrap front or a dropped waist.  Also ideal is an A-line contour or a flared shape that gathers at the waist. But you’ll want to avoid clothing with a high waist and vertical prints and patterns, as they tend to make you appear thin and lanky.

part 3-black-skirtpart 3-black-blue-dresspart 3-black-dress

Bottoms Up

Look for pants and jeans that hug and lift your derriere. Also look for those with large back pockets and full flaps that will add fullness and the appearance of weight to your backside. The perfect jeans include those with lighter fades on the thighs or low-rise versions with a straight fit from the hip to the knee with a slight flare at the hemline.  But you’ll want to stay away from straight-cut jeans that emphasize rather than conceal your rectangular figure.

part 3-light-blue-jeanspart 3-dark-blue-jeans

Stepping Out

You have fabulous legs, so strut your stuff. Whether your shoes are strapless, peep-toe, slinky and strappy or classic, you can wear them all. And you also have the perfect figure to show off a sexy stiletto heel!

part 3-fume-strap-shoepart 3-open-toe-shoe
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