How to Dress for Your Body Type – Part 2 of 4

How to Dress for Your Body Type

Pear Body Shape

Although every figure is unique, this shape is probably the most common for women. If you are a Pear, you probably have a slender face and neck, narrow but shapely shoulders that slope downward, a small to medium-size bust and a well-defined waist. The lower portion of your figure–buttocks, hips, thighs and calves–are comparatively larger than the upper portion.

  • Long slender neck
  • Sloping or narrow shoulders
  • Narrow back
  • Small to medium bust
  • Defined waistline
  • Curvy hips and derriere
  • Full thighs and calves


You’re The Top

To bring visual balance to the pear-shape figure, you want to draw attention to the upper portion of your figure–your face, neck, shoulders, bust and waist-and deemphasize the lower portion.

This is easy to do when you wear fitted or slightly loose-fitting tops, blouses with lots of detailing or texture and printed tops in lighter and brighter colors than your skirt or pant.

Necklines should be scooped, draped, rounded, square or V-shaped.  Tops with puffed sleeves or those that hug the shoulders or boast wide-set straps will visually widen the chest. Lower, wider necklines, such as off-the-shoulder versions, will emphasize your bust and draw attention to your face.


And a halter top that ties at the neck will give your shoulders the appearance of width needed to balance your figure. But do avoid long jackets that finish at the widest part of your hips that call attention to your waist, hips and thighs.


Skirting The Issue

Dresses should have the same upper characteristics as tops. Wrap dresses that flow over your hips and those with an empire waste are flattering.

'Le Wrap Tie' Silk Wrap Dress (Nordstrom Exclusive)

A-line and flared skirts look best on you, but remember that skirts and pants should be in a solid color that’s darker than your top.


Avoid tight-fitting skirts that show every bump and curve, full skirts, jeans with large pockets and bias-cut dresses that hug the derriere. Verboten are skirts with bold patterns, large checks and light colors that call attention to your heavier bottom torso.

Bottoms Up

Look for jeans or pants with straight, flared or wide legs to help camouflage your thighs and give you a slimmer look.


Mid-rise dark jeans, the darker the better, also give you the illusion of slimmer hips and derriere.

Also avoid tight or tapered jeans or pants with embroidery, flaps, bulky side pockets, pleats or detail on the hips or derriere that will draw attention to your lower torso. And stay away from high-waisted pants, which will only emphasize your derriere.


Stepping Out

Sleek shoes with a pointed toe or thin heel will give the illusion of an elongated figure, whereas a rounded toe version gives you a chunky look.

Shoes that show the beginning of your toes are more flattering than a closed toe shoe. But avoid stiletto heels that throw your figure out of proportion.


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