The 2018 Season’s Fashion Trends – Part One of Two

In this dizzying, distracting year of politics and polarization, the ever-changing world of women’s fashion seems positively stable. Let’s take a look at five of the season’s Top 10 Fashion Trends that can help pull your current classic wardrobe back to the future.

1. Check, please

Plaids, stripes and checks continue to make a fun fashion statement in 2018. That includes old-fashioned ginghams as well as bolder-than-bold patterns.

Mix ‘n’ match plaids are checkmating the style chess game. Big bold plaids of different sizes and scale and often competing colors, dubbed “Frankenstein fashion,” reign on the red carpet.

Burberry is coming out with its own version of mix ‘n’ match plaids. Other designers such as Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham are rocking a plethora of bold plaids as well as heritage checks.

2. Pastel pastiche

Pastels usually kick off the year’s fashion trends, and this year is no exception. Candy-colored hues such as bon bon pinks, meringue lemons and duck egg blues are gracing the red carpet.

Even more popular are soft lilacs and lavenders, thanks to “Ultra Violet” being named the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year. Seen in many fabric genres, from knits to sequins, lush lavenders are as strong as they are feminine. According to designer Victoria Beckham, “Delicacy can be strong.” Proenza Schouler and Michael Kors agree.

3. Bold color

In this era of global polarization, fashion is no exception. What could be more polarizing early this year than two opposing color statements? Both pastels and bold primary colors are vying for the No. 1 design spot. Sharing the runways with pale pastels are vibrant, saturated primary colors to flatter every figure and skin tone.

Pure tomato reds, shamrock greens, electric blues and more are stepping into the spotlight. Choose an entire outfit in one of these statement hues. Or mix and match them to cash in on the fashion jackpot. Try pairing brazen orange with a day-glo pink. Or combine royal purple and sassy chartreuse to make your fashion debut.

4. Sheer delight

If you relished the see-through vinyl and plastic clothing of the late ’80s and early ’90s, you’ll be thrilled with the re-introduction of these high-fashion, high-tech fabrics.

Plastic is back in shoes and boots, coats, skirts, dresses, tops and coats. Although it might take a younger, hipper woman to wear this fun “fabric,” you’ll also see it in the high-fashion houses of Chanel, Topshop, Calvin Klein and Fendi.

5. Modern romance

With the excitement surrounding the recent wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and American actor Meghan Markle, romance is no longer on the back burner. It’s flames are being fanned by designers worldwide. Think corseted waists, billowing sleeves and ruffles. And don’t forget to include Valentino’s romantic florals, a carryover from the fall fashion scene.

Tulle is also “cool” early this season. Think Ballet Russe on the red carpet. Once a filler or foundation for froufrou gowns, this wispy fabric looks fresh when worn over pants, under patent leather or with a matching pastel wrap.

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