2015 Fall Fashion Trends

Love ’em or Leave ’em?

It’s that time of year again. Time when designers strut their latest stuff down the tony runways that define New York’s Fashion Week. Time when today’s best and brightest vie for front-row-status seats to see and be seen on those same runways. Time when women’s fashion magazines triple their size showcasing this fall’s most fashion-forward wardrobe items.

Red carpet

Most of these fashions are fascinating. Dramatic? Yes. Eye-catching? To be certain. A bit impractical? Most likely. The clothing shown on the runways and in the pages of fall’s finest fashion pubs is meant to be a bit over the top. It’s meant to entertain, often amuse, sometimes startle and always, always make a designer’s work stand out, grab headlines, be memorable.

By the time these trends trickle down to the Barney’s and the Bergdorf’s of the world, they are toned-down versions of what walked the runways. They must be in order for women to be able to wear them in the office, in the stores and on the streets. No woman wants to look like she’s going to or coming from a costume party. We want our clothing to look fashionable AND functional.

fashion show

 So what are the 6 most prominent 2015 fall fashion trends? And should we love ’em or leave ’em?

1. Color cues

Color is the most important part of creating a style you love. It speaks before you ever say a word. Always trendy for fall are the beautiful tones of autumn: burgundies, loden greens, rich oranges and golds. This year’s Pantone color of the year, Marsala, is in the same autumnal palette.

marsala dress nordstrom  marsala tweed coat nordstrom

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In addition, I’m seeing a return to camel and caramel tones, often teamed with black. This elegant color duo combines the sensuality, mystery and power of black with the down-to-earth tones of the brown-beige family–a fashion yin-and-yang.

While these solid earthy hues currently reign supreme, there’s also a new focus on the feminine. Think pretty in pink. Pinks and blush tones are a welcome juxtaposition to the otherwise earthy hues.

camel coat nordstrom  pink jacket nordstrom

Love ’em or leave ’em?
Love them all!
Leave none.

2. Mixed textures
Texture is as important in the fashion world as color because it adds visual interest to an otherwise blank canvas. Think nubby fibers, classic tweeds, plaids, shearling and leather-and-fur combos. Also popular are patchwork combinations of different leathers, whether faux crocodile, faux snakeskin, suede or polished leather.

black tweed jacket nordstrom  plaid poncho nordstrom

You can see these trendy textured pieces in all manner of clothing and accessories: suits, dresses, jackets, coats-even shoes and handbags. Fall fashion has even spawned purses with plumes.

patchwork nordstrom  shearling jacket nordstrom

Love ’em or leave ’em?
Love the new tweeds and the leather combos These classics never go out of style, and they mix and match well with other wardrobe pieces. Personally, I’m glad shearling is making a comeback. My midi-length shearling coat will help keep me warm in the wintry cold Iowa weather I’ve returned to.

Leave the plumed and feathered accessories unless you’re going to a wedding or formal gala.

3. Classics

Classics have also made a fashion comeback. An oxymoron? How can classics come back?! But they’re here.
I’m seeing lots of funky Mary Jane flats and heels but with chunkier heels and wider, oddly placed ankle straps–tradition with a twist. Camelhair coats, suits and dresses are rife on the runways, again often paired with black. Classic pea coats go with almost everything, particularly menswear, which is always in style.

camel and black fringe nordstrom  beige coat nordstrom

The newest menswear looks include wide-leg trousers, loafers and oxford and long-line blazers with mini- and midi-skirts. And much to male chagrin, midi-skirts are baaaack but in flouncier, more feminine profiles. Also returning to the fashion fold are bow-tie blouses–once known as the “floppy bow tie,” the woman’s version of a man’s suit-and-tie when women began flooding the workplace in the ’70s and ’80s.

blk and white oxford nordstrom_cropleopard mary jane nordstrom_crop

Love ’em or leave ’em?
Love the camelhair wardrobe pieces. Both the color and fabric are elegant, particularly when paired with black. Menswear is always fashionable and functional–AND comfortable.

Leave the bow-tie blouses and Mary Jane wannabes. If you wore a style of clothing or accessory in your youth, it’s best to back away, even if it’s a variation on the theme.

4. Boho luxe

Arty, eccentric styles and ornate fabrics underscore the ’70s Bohemian look we loved in the Age of Aquarius. Fringe was big last year, but it’s taken a new turn. In addition to the swishy, showgirl-style fringe of the past several years, I’m now seeing two-inch wide “shredded fringe” schoolgirl-style skirts.

blk fringe dress nordstrom  fringe boots nordstrom

Mixed patterns and clashing colors (such as those worn so beautifully by fashion-forward human rights lawyer Amal Clooney) are also reminiscent of the Haight Ashbury era. And they’re coming back in spades.

Long tunics, once nicknamed “dusters,” echo the hippy era whether they come in knee- or ankle-length. They add a bit of whimsy or dramatic flair to an otherwise simple outfit.

And the floppy hat so common to yesteryear’s flower children is now back in style.

long vest nordstrom  floppy hat nordstrom

Love ’em or leave ’em?
Love the new tunics. Depending upon the fabric and the length, they can add mystery, glamour and flair to any outfit, much as a cape can do. And l love the hats; I only wish I could wear them well.

Leave outfits with mixed patterns and colors unless you have a large frame or dramatic coloring, as they can tend to overwhelm fair-skinned, petite frames. And the shredded showgirl-style skirts are almost cartoonish.

 5. Victorian romance

While menswear is definitely on the fashion radar, there is also a return to the feminine and romantic. This includes the continued popularity of lace dresses and blouses. But now I’m seeing high-necked, Victorian-style blouses and dresses in sheer fabrics, ruffles and lace. The blouses are lovely when paired with a simply styled menswear jacket. They also add panache to a pencil skirt, slit skirt or flared trousers.

victorian blouse nordstrom  lacy blouse nordstrom

Romantic fabrics express the feminine mystique as well. Think velvet, brocade. day-to-night sequins, patent leather and metallics. They are no longer considered simply after-dark dressing. You can wear a simply styled lame or silver top with a conservative, classic office suit as long as it’s not too glitzy. It’s a way to stand out while still being professional.

Asymmetrical hems are still in vogue, replacing the “waterfall hems” of the past few years, usually in floaty, feminine fabrics.

asymmetrical hem nordstrom  beige asymmetrical dress nordstrom

Love ’em or leave ’em?
Love the high-necked Victorian-inspired blouses. I personally prefer tailored clothing, but these lovely tops will add a feminine touch to my otherwise simply styled wardrobe–and yours.

Asymmetrical hems, whether on tops or dresses, are the yang to the Victorian blouse’s yin. I have an asymmetrical, marsala-tone, lightweight poncho that I love. It’s dramatic-and yet feminine. And it’s practical.

And what woman doesn’t feel fabulous in velvet or glam sequins? Combining luxurious fabrics with everyday menswear is a great way to go from day time to date time.

Leave nothing. It’s all good.

6. Accessories

Welcome to Granny’s day: Brooches are back! Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth does it best. Her left lapel always sports a beautiful brooch, albeit one of royal and historical distinction.

Brooches are showing up not just on lapels but on waistlines, skirt hems–even today’s trendy floppy hats. It’s the placement of the brooch as well as the design that can make an outfit shine.

Pendant and gem-encrusted necklaces are also in vogue.

brooch pink jacket nordstrom  pendant necklace nordstrom

Very new and fave are narrow scarves that almost look, and tie, like neckties–the new version of the proverbial fashion scarf. (The narrow scarf below is actually part of the popular bow-tie blouse trend, but you get the idea.)

In the same vein, fake- or real-fur scarves are trending, much like the glam scarves worn in ’40s movies. (Although the fur scarf below is real, I recommend getting a faux version in the same style to protect our wildlife.)

fur scarf nordstrom  bow tie scarf nordstrom

As to shoes, chunky heels and square-toe shoes are the new norm. Although the trend goes against the grain of the new romantic look in fashion, it is something you’ll be seeing more of.

chunky heel mary jane nordstrom_cropsquare toe blk shoe nordstroms_crop

Love ’em or leave ’em?
Love the brooches. I couldn’t be happier that, for sentimental reasons, I’ve kept some of the treasured versons from the jewel boxes of my mother and grandmothers. At last, I can wear them in style. And I’m warming up to the fur scarves. They’re a bit campy, but they’re growing on me.

Leave the chunky heels. They’re not flattering, just faddish. Necktie scarves? My vote is still out on that.

So now that you have a sneak peek at some of the
2015 fall fashion faves, rock ’em, ladies!
You deserve only the best.

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