How to Dress for Your Body Type Part 3 of 4

part 3-bikini

Rectangular Body Type Lucky you! A rectangular body shape makes you part of the fashion elite: today’s top models. If you have a rectangular body shape, often described as “boyish,” the goal for dressing your lean and athletic figure is simply to create the appearance of a curvier waist and derriere to enhance your femininity and draw attention […]

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Shaping Up Your Wardrobe – Part 2 of 4


How to Dress for Your Body Type Pear Body Shape Although every figure is unique, this shape is probably the most common for women. If you are a Pear, you probably have a slender face and neck, narrow but shapely shoulders that slope downward, a small to medium-size bust and a well-defined waist. The lower […]

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How to Dress for Your Body Type Part 1 of 4

Apple Body Shape

Apple Body Shape As an Apple, you have soft feminine curves and a much-envied bustline–not to mention great legs! That’s why you want to draw attention toward those A-plus attributes. To do that, choose simply designed clothing that visually lengthens and elongates your generously rounded torso to give you the appearance of a slimmer figure. […]

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No More “Mis-Prints”

Mixed Prints Repeat Colors

 10 Ways to Mix Wardrobe Patterns & Prints with Style This week’s post was written by Ginger Burr, president of Boston-based Total Image Consultants. A treasured and well-respected friend and colleague, Ginger has done a masterful job of explaining how to mix and match prints. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I have gotten the go-ahead […]

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2016 Color of the Year


It Promises to be More Than “In the Pink” It’s a first for Pantone: The 2016 Color of the Year is actually a blending of TWO colors: Rose Quartz pink and Serenity blue. Never before has the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute chosen two colors to celebrate in the same year. Reminiscent of a the softness […]

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